My name is Josjuar Lister. The creator of this site

This is Tego Security, a Cyber Security company with a mission to make the internet a safer place!

It’s run by me Josjuar Lister a lover of networking and hacking.

The goal of Tego Security is to help bring the core concepts of defence in depth used to secure the parameters of big companies to the everyday people like you and me. Using modern, up-to-date methods of preventingdetecting and responding to the attempts of bad actors to exploit our systems and threaten our private information.

Tego Security is focused on educating people in online security. I plan to create a few capture the flags to show those new to the space how to hack and even to allow experienced hackers to sharpen their skills. I also plan to write up articles and tutorials demonstrating various things I learn along the way.

I can also offer to any businesses or organisations near the area where I’m based to conduct penetration tests on their Networks to help them improve their security.

Please get in touch If you would like to discuss any of the services offered by Tego Security.


Here you can verify the certifications I have received relating to IT security. I’m studying with Robust IT and working toward earning my Ethical Hacker certification. I’ll update this page with any certifications that I may earn in the future

You can click on any of the badges bellow to be redirected to where you can verify the certifications.